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Lead Times
We aim to be transparent and upfront with our customers. One of the top questions we receive from our customers is lead times. 
When we started FMB CHOPPERS in 2008, We were making, powder coating and shipping bars in about 5-6 business days.
 Since then we have gone from a one car garage to a 5000 sqft wharehouse. Due to supply chain issues and the volume we are currently doing. Were are updating lead times to the following. 
•    Handlebars 7-10 Business days
•    Crash Highway Bars 10-14 Business days
•    Luggage racks 10-14 Business days
•    Clothing 2 Business days
•    Items that are ship raw with no powdercoat 4-5 Business days
If you have a question in regards to stock or lead time, please feel free to contact us at 
David Burrill