Since I have lived in NC I have bought a Corvette, Cts, hummer h3, from Hendricks and a Jaguar XF and land Rover Lr4 from Jaguar of cary and they all have been smooth and pleasant experiences.

We recently bought 12 acre’s and found ourselves in need of a Truck so I went to Westgate dodge in wake forest on a friday to buy a ram rebel, I had $5000 cash to put down and a Cadillac SRX to trade in. I spent well over 4 hours waiting on them to look at my car and do paperwork and then at closing time, I find out that the hold up is the manager Tim was gone all day dealing with a wedding, He shows up right before close and tells me we will have everything done for me Monday.

Monday comes and no call, so Tuesday I call in the morning the sales rep says Tim is not in yet, I call at 3pm the sales guy says he is still not in, So at 6 I start to drive to the dealership and call my sales guy, He tells me Tim is still not in but to come down and he can take care of everything for me. I get there and he wants to have the car looked at again for the trade and start the whole process over again, I tell him thanks for wasting my time and leave.

The next day the sales rep calls and say’s Tim is not there but to come on down and sign all the paperwork there is another manager on site that can help me. I show up and everything we discussed APR, payment and trade are all off and I walk out.

They call me the next day and say they will get everything where it needs to be and they will call me back Monday, Monday comes no call. So Tuesday I call and I talk to a finance guy and he tells me if I put more down they could get closer to what I want on payment and Apr. So I tell him run the numbers with 10K down, he says he will get back to me, a week later no call but I get a letter from ally that everything was approved and they notified the dealership . I go down in person and pull Tim the manager a side and go down the whole list and ask him if he considers that good customer service? His response (He has no excuse for it) and asked me if I still want to get the truck, I then curse him out and call him a ass clown. This is the worst sales manager I have ever met Tim should be fired and the worst dealership I have ever dealt with.

So I thought well I can have the truck transferred to the Raleigh location and 3 days in a row I call and all 3 days they tell me that the manager there has not been in ——WTF