Going to an established motorcycle dealership does not guarantee their mechanics are honest and trustworthy. Being in business over 10 years we’ve seen just about everything.  Shops charging anywhere from $250 to $1500 for the same installation!  On newer Harley’s they’re using the Can Bus system.  So unlike the old bikes where you have to pull a thick pack of wires through, the Can Bus just pulls a few on each side.  When it comes to aftermarket custom installations, it’s not uncommon in our industry to see such shady individuals falsely claim defects or poor quality exists, suggesting that the bars have jagged edges which took a significant amount of time to clean out and perhaps replacing wiring so they can (1) charge customers for additional labor and / or (2) try to convince that customer to switch to a like product they sell.


 Our manufacturing specifically addresses this step.  We intentionally smooth out any and all such jagged edges specifically to ensure wiring is unaffected.  Our bars cannot go to the next step in manufacturing this step is completed.  Almost always the mechanic will not show a customer the alleged jagged edges in advance.  They only mention it after they’ve supposedly removed them after a laborious, time consuming process.  Furthermore, there is no tool that can reach such jagged edges to smooth them out once the center and hand controls have been TIG welded. A file cannot enter the bottom or top holes and make the angle to clean the inside edges.  Here’s how we clean the insides of the bars prior to welding them… https://www.instagram.com/p/BpVO7fjB4Pa/


For our customers who choose to install on their own we offer some tips I’ll share with you.  Our customers who followed our suggestions, circled back with us after they finished saying how simple and seemless the installation went.  First of all, the key is using tesa tape (a smooth cloth tape).  Use 80lb test fishing line with a small weight to get the line through the bars. Pull any bulky plastic covers off the harness and wrap the harness with tesa tape.  Next, pull the wires through with a parachute cord.  When pulling through the right side, tape the throttle-by-wire and remaining wires together then pull both through at the same time.  Never use electrical tape as it can catch easy, bundle up and make a mess.  It's a game of push and pull.


I’m not saying we’re perfect and it’s impossible for us to miss something.  However we pride ourselves in exceptional quality.  For example, bars made in China commonly use an inferior Booger looking MIG weld process.  FMB’s welder (formerly worked for Nascar and is a metal artist) hand TIG welds every bar.  Just look at our craftsmanship on the outside and under the meat hooks to see the stacked dimes.


The reason for our success over the past decade is that at the end of the day, we’re obsessed with satisfying our customers.  The vast majority of our growth has come from referral business which has only been possible because our collective customer’s have recommended us to their friends and family time and time again.  I’m hopeful after reading this you’ll have a better understanding of our passion, pride and commitment to our products and customers.