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    Going to an established motorcycle dealership does not guarantee their mechanics are honest and trustworthy. Being in business over 10 years we’ve seen just about everything.  Shops charging anywhere from $250 to $1500 for the same installation!  On newer Harley’s they’re using the Can Bus system.  So unlike the old bikes where you have to pull a thick pack of wires through, the Can Bus just pulls a few on each side.  When it comes to aftermarket custom installations, it’s not uncommon in our industry to see such shady individuals falsely claim defects or poor quality exists, suggesting that the bars have jagged edges which took a significant amount of time to clean out and perhaps replacing wiring so they can (1) charge customers for additional labor and / or (2) try to convince that customer to switch to a like product they sell.


     Our manufacturing specifically addresses this step.  We intentionally smooth

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  2. Luna metal Buildings and concrete scam artist's ?

    I’m writing this to share my series of unfortunate experiences upon hiring Luna Metal Buildings and Concrete.  I say experiences (plural) because they failed to disclose pertinent information, conduct themselves honestly and deliver the product I should have received.  I’ll start from the beginning…

    I contacted Luna Metal Buildings and Concrete with the intention of purchasing a 30x31 metal building. I spoke with Sofia, their representative.  She informed me I needed to provide them with an initial cash deposit or cashers check to get the ball rolling.  Once they received this initial payment they’d come out and pour the concrete within 2 to 3 weeks. Following the concrete installation, the building would be installed within an additional 2 to 3 weeks.  The balance would be due at this point in time.  She asked me if I was going to pull a permit and I differed to her asking if I needed one.  Her response was simply I didn’t need a permit.  Kno

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  3. Kabbage Funding is the worst ?

    It is my personal opinion and experience that Kabbage funding is one of the worst companies out there and they do not deserve your hard-earned money. There is allot of small business funding companies out there, so I suggest that use a different one.

    During this covid-19 crisis Amazon lending suspended all payments and interest on loans for 30 days to help People and their Business out. PayPal has 2 different funding programs loan Builder and PayPal working Capital They also thought about their customers and suspended all payments and interest for 30 days.

    What did Kabbage funding do to take care of their customers? They froze customers credit line without any warning and still charged customers Interest. I paid mine off and I will never use this Crap company again That obviously does not care about their customers at all.


    Kabbage funding is the worst!

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  4. Harley-Davidson Sportster vs. Indian Scout

    When the 2019 Indian Scout showed up in the Ultimate Motorcycling garage, we didn’t immediately think about stoking the Indian vs. Harley-Davidson rivalry—it took about 10 seconds to go there.

    So, we looked to the Harley-Davidson Sportster line for a challenger, and the 2019 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special stood out as the motorcycle to take on the 2019 Indian Scout.

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  5. Harley-Davidson Appoints First-Ever Brand President

    Harley-Davidson Inc. has appointed Neil Grimmer to the newly created position of brand president with the responsibility of growing riders globally, the company has announced. Reporting directly to President and Chief Executive Matt Levatich, Grimmer is responsible for all aspects of the Harley-Davidson brand including product planning, marketing, retail, apparel, and communications.

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